The Seeker

by Carl Wildrick

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Book Description

FIGHT FOR THE FUTURE – BOOK TWO Carter Owens knows his kidnapped sister is out there. He thinks he knows where she is, and he’s desperate to rescue her. The trouble is nobody believes him. He’s tried telling his family and even the police what he knows, but only his close friends Alex, Vic, and Ellery don’t think he’s totally nuts. Or at least he hopes they don’t. Carter continues digging into the disappearance of his sister. He finds new allies, but he also uncovers mystery, conspiracy, and enemies far more powerful than he ever imagined. He travels through time and space, experiencing firsthand the shocking truth linking other mysterious disappearances from the past - Amelia Earhart, the Lost Colony at Roanoke, and the Ghost Ship Mary Celeste. Will he locate his sister before time runs out? Or will something terrible happen before he finds her?

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