The Starlight Club 5: Revenge (Starlight Club Series)

by Joe Corso
  • Book Author : Joe Corso
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  • Category : Mystery & Thrillers
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Book Description

The Starlight Club 5: RevengeIn the fifth book of the Starlight Club, Big Red Fortunato's movie companies are in the black. Now he wants to invest money in a Las Vegas casino. But problems keep popping up in Queens that prevent him from leaving. One is the Boston mob wants to take over the Queens action. Can Big Red stop them? Knowing how dangerous Trenchie is a Los Angeles gang threatens Trenchie's family. How will he handle it? And why would they do this?Why does Meyer Lansky want the top three men in the Queens, NY mob killed? The Greek knew by signing this paper he was signing his death warrant, but what could he do?He took the pen and slowly signed the paper; then, as soon as he put the pen down, Shooter shot him up close in the temple, splattering blood and brain matter onto the paper.Hollywood screen tests and fame and fortuned beckon Iris and Tiffany. Big Red needs leading ladies for his movie studio. Can they succeed as movie stars?Joe Bruno Sr. Author of “Whitey Bulgar - The Biggest Rat""Joe Corso hits it right on the mark when he takes us on a winding trip through the underbelly of organized crime."

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