The Strangest Dialogue

by Ipoola Gbayike

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Book Description

Tito said: I don't like what you are saying.The stranger replied: Do you want a conversation that you like or you want a dialogue that will transform you for the better? Just a single online encounter with a total stranger would fundamentally alter the Lived experiences of five friends. One after the other, they all took turns chatting with the stranger. These friends all grew up with different beliefs, ideologies, experiences, and understanding of the world and the way it works. The depth of wisdom and insights demonstrated by the stranger made all of them give the stranger the benefit of the doubt. They discussed various issues from personal, national, global, and universal. These encounters would never make them the same again. Their perception and understanding of Life would be enhanced. Your wellbeing will be improved, and Life will take on a new, beautiful, and powerful meaning after you read this book. This book features the first encounter with Tito Smart.

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