The Tenth Nail (Nate & Clare Book 1)

by Kwen Griffeth
  • Book Author : Kwen Griffeth
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  • Category : Romance
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Book Description

Is A Serial Killer On The Loose?Nate Burns, a seasoned detective, knelt beside the dead girl. This wasn’t Nate’s first homicide; it wasn’t even the first murder of a prostitute that he’d investigated. But, this one bothered him. Maybe it was her youth; she appeared to be in her early twenties. Maybe it was her looks, as death had yet to rob her of her beauty. Maybe she reminded him of his daughter, Lizzie, who was only a few years younger. Maybe it was something else entirely.˃˃˃ A Gritty, Riveting Thriller With little to no evidence and only vague descriptions to go on, Nate and his partner Manny Trujillo are determined to seek the truth, no matter where that journey leads them. The story moves first in one direction, and then in another. The ending? You’ll never see that coming.Very well-written, enthralling and impossible to put down, The Tenth Nail is a thriller you won’t forget.Scroll Up And Grab Your Copy Today!

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