The Test

by John Dizon
  • Book Author : John Dizon
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  • Category : Teen & Young Adult
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Book Description

A series of nuclear attacks has left the world in a Great Depression.Katia Wynter is a teenage girl living in a commune in New Mexico, ruled by motorcycle gangs who exchange protection for tribute. One of many kids who left their poverty-stricken homes in the town of Truth Or Consequences, Katia is searching for a better future outside the world their parents destroyed.But when Katia meets four mysterious men at the outskirts of the town, her world is turned upside down, and she's forced to rethink her view on the world... and her future.Praise from readers:★★★★★ - "This story will stir up your faith, make you smile at it's simplicity, and wish for more. I have never read this author before, but if this is what he offers I will be a fan for life."★★★★★ - "An entertaining and thought-provoking read.

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