The Three

by Nick Forest Cise

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Book Description

This powerful collection includes three pieces of short fiction -- Reels (Flash Fiction) -- The Watch (Short Story) -- A Man's Flame (Novelette). Reels A young man experiences the afterlife, but instead of reaching the gates of heaven, he arrives at a movie theatre that streams all the years of his life. The Watch When a maintenance worker at an apartment complex is accused of stealing a watch, a hermit living on the second floor decides to come outside and shed some light on the situation, suggesting that everything is not as it seems. A Man's Flame When a star comic gets behind the wheel of a car while intoxicated, he crashes head-on into oncoming traffic and is forced to suffer the consequences of his actions. While incarcerated, the comic struggles immensely to regain his sense of humor. A decade later, when he gets out of prison, he tries to repair his reputation and career but is unable to find a club owner to offer him support. He continues on a relentless journey to achieve this goal, needing only one person to believe in his intentions, and give him another shot at being himself again.

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