The Trade: An erotic urban romance

by Jean Ecrivain
  • Book Author : Jean Ecrivain
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  • Category : Erotica
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Book Description

What would you trade for a dream?Poor Josey. She has her heart set on a honeymoon in the Caribbean. After all she didn't get one the first time. There is only one problem. Her husband John has failed her again. She'll punish him but it still won't make up for lost dreams.Poor Susan. She has her heart set on being a mother. There is only one problem. She prefers women and doesn't have a man. Can Susan and Josey put their heads together to solve both their problems? Read The Trade to find out.Warning! This book contains adult situations including BDSM, Denial, Edging, Lesbian, Reverse Harem and other references. Not for sale to minors or in jurisdictions where such materials are not allowed.

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