The Transmigrant

by Kristi Saare Durte

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Book Description

Have you ever wondered if Jesus was just an ordinary man seeking enlightenment? Read the mesmerizing novel about Jesus’s lost years that others have called "deeply moving" and "divinely inspired." In 8AD, at the Temple of Jerusalem, charismatic young Yeshua thrills his audience with God’s words. While his listeners gush, not everyone is impressed. The priests scoff and say that no carpenter, however wise, can ever enter their holy ranks. Humiliated and robbed of his only desire, Yeshua resigns to a drab life as a laborer and agrees to marry the wealthy maiden his father has chosen for him. But when a Buddhist pilgrim invites Yeshua along to the magical country Sindh, where anyone can become a monk, an irresistible portal of hope opens. Torn between duty and following his bliss, Yeshua must choose between selfishly chasing his dream and shielding his family from everlasting shame. Riveting, enlightening, and deeply moving, The Transmigrant is a brilliantly vivid story about Jesus's lost years that will fascinate you and stay with you forever. If you enjoy spiritual, thought-provoking fiction like The Celestine Prophecy or The Alchemist, and have ever wondered if Jesus did travel in India, you will relish this intriguing page-turner.

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