The Tree Goddess (The Mapleview Series Book 2)

by Tom Raimbault
  • Book Author : Tom Raimbault
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  • Category : Science Fiction & Fantasy
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Book Description

The town of Mapleview has the reputation of paranormal activity and urban legends. The Trivelli House - one of the oldest, historical buildings in town - has been owned by the family for generations. And it, too, has its legend.Mary, a member of the family, purchases the house from her aunt. She's determined to rid the property of any stigmatism or reputation, as it is the house she has wanted since she was a little girl. But a temporary guest of Mary's moves in with her, and soon disappears.More disappearances follow, and even though the Mapleview police have their most experienced detectives on the case, they can provide no answers. Are the disappearances supernatural, and related to the dark, centuries-old history of Mapleview?

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