THE TRUMP TRUTH – From Businessman to Presidential Candidate

by PI Publisher
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Book Description

This is a summarized book about Donald Trump’s life history with all the information you may want to know concerning Trump. The book is aimed for those people who want to capture each and every idea of trump’s childhood life to his presidential candidacy. It also examines a number of tricks and techniques that Trump uses to be successful in both business and political achievements. You as a reader can emulate some of the trump’s lessons to place yourself in a much stronger position in any business undertaking or life achievements. We will take a look at Trump’s perception in life including his experience in the world of business, accomplishments and some of his failures in life. As an exceptional and outstanding business person who at all-time comprehends his deals well, Trump is a man who first weight and conceive big ideas. This book provides teaching approaches that we will learn from Trump early life teachings from his parents. We always desire to have positive changes in our life and move from one step to another. With all the challenges and hardships we face each and every day, we need someone to inspire us. With Donald Trump successes and the trials he has faced, he motivates and inspire us with the fighting spirit of conquering our obstacles. This book entails an unbiased biography of Donald trump full of his life history that shows him as a man who is energetic and well determined. Are you a business minded person? This is the right book for you to read. Donald

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