The Ultimate Step By Step Guide To Finding & Investing In Off-Market Real Estate: How I Turned $39,000 Into $50 Million In Nine Years By Finding And Unlocking Hidden Equity Before Anyone Else

by Liran Koren
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Book Description

This is not a general overview of real estate flipping nor some inspirational self-help book—this is a step by step, HOW-TO blueprint to build a multi-million dollar real estate empire from scratch. Making millions renting out or flipping real estate has nothing to do with luck or even having a large budget to play with. It’s all skill… so let me cut years from your learning curve and save you tens of thousands of dollars in the process. I will treat you as one of my clients and take you through every bit of minutia from pre-purchase preparation to final closing, with real world data drawn from some of the dozens of investments I’m making right now in the modern marketplace and not idealized examples from the past. Whether you’re a brand-new investor with a few grand in your pocket or a seasoned real estate agent representing a $100 million fund, the key to lasting success in this business is being able to sniff out hidden equity in off-market homes before anyone else. That’s precisely what I’ll teach you to do faster, cheaper and smarter than any wealth management fund out there. My clients call me a “guru” and a “prodigy,” my competitors “one lucky SOB,” but the truth is I don’t have some “Spidey sense.” I can teach anyone every one of my tricks in a matter of hours. So why not? Let’s have some fun. The market is sure big enough to accommodate plenty more fresh millionaires.

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