The Underwood: A Collection of Stories

by Declan Brennan
  • Book Author : Declan Brennan
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  • Category : Horror / Kindle Unlimited
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Book Description

“The Underwood wants to be forgotten by outsiders. It doesn't like outsiders.” He gestured to the shapes in the shadows “We don't like outsiders." The Underwood is located just beyond the city. It is a wild, pagan forest where strange things happen. The people who live in the Underwood are considered different by the people of the city, if they think about them at all. Too often the Underwood has been neglected and forgotten by all except those who live there, which was probably for a reason... "The Underwood" is a collection of five original horror stories including: **Among The Tortured Firs** - A man goes into the Underwood and ecounters something very unusual yet uncomfortably familiar. **Tall Man's Tales** - A quiet village is brought to ruin by a mysterious stranger. **The Season** - The mysterious death of a local leads a journalist to ask questions that are better left unaswered. **The Ancient** - A teenager and his family move to the Underwood where he makes a strange new friend. **Annette** - The house of their dreams quickly turns into a nightmare when a young couple come face to face with a local legend. So come and explore the Underwood, you might never leave.

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