The Universco Files – Report 001

by Translation Of Author Jordah Casslon

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Book Description

Explore this stand-alone introduction to The Universco Files. A report from the Universe on the state of Humanity and Planet Earth. These intercepted and translated files delve into many of the hard truths that humanity seems unwilling to face, own up to, and change. Through the analysis of behaviors, thoughts, and actions, we get a glimpse of how humanity is "seen" by others. This report is a no-holds-barred look at Human conduct, society, and how the Planet Earth is affected. As a basic overview, Report 001 provides an examination of various topics, including the Planet, Spiritual Beliefs, Population, and more. "The Human race was intended to be the caretakers of the Earth, improving it for future generations, adding knowledge and advancing their society and systems while enjoying their time and existence. Instead, they have become like a virus, multiplying, sweeping out across the Planet, and consuming all that lies before them."

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