The War Within #1: Victims

by Marcus Rodham Perry

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Book Description

The years is 2057, a man wakes up on a beach, not remembering how he got there or even who he is. As his past didn't seem an attractive place to retrieve, the same could be said about the future. Advised by an enigmatic woman that is somehow connected to his past, he finds that the world has turned into a nightmare and human race faces annihilation. Hunted by monsters and his personal ghosts, he meets a girl and boy with their own dark secrets and soon finds himself with disturbing choices on hands. At the same time, the Special Activities Division receives orders to find and extract a kid that could represent hope in a conflict that humanity can't triumph. What they didn't know was that they are not the only ones seeking for the boy. In the midst of an unthinkable war, in a single turbulent day, destinies will clash with unexpected consequences...

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