The Weird Cults Of Bald Eagles Peak Towne Area

by Lana Lee

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Book Description

The streets. A small band of homeless Christians. An unchanging battle between good and evil. In Bald Eagles Peak Towne Area eighty years into the future, Lucifer, the original adversary of GOD, a.k.a. Satan shows up for the first time in human form with a sinister plan to destroy the town and all the families who live there. Cults are flourishing, and demons and sinners do his bidding. One little girl, Blue, is chased out of her home and while wandering the streets finds others like her who are homeless and scared but who have one thing in common, their love for Jesus Christ. These scraggly vagrants band together, grow in number, and soon Satan must wage war against them to protect his territory. How will these desperate, resourceless street people fight against the man who was once God's second-in-command?

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