The Wise Man Path: Friedrich Nietzsche and St. Paul in Conversation

by Manolis Messinis
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Book Description

The following meetings could possibly have taken place. But if one scholar stated convincing evidence to the contrary, this would not exclude the possibility of taking place in the no distant future. How? What divides us from reality, is nothing more than the thickness of a shadow. We have been brought up with large doses of atomic physics and the principle of indeterminacy launched the nerve cells of our imagination in vortex. Theoretically we could suggest anything about the matter, the space and the time, and based on the math of quantum mechanics we could compute the possibilities of the realization of these meetings. Thus, do not be in a rush to consider as fantastic, the stories which are about to unfold. If these meetings between the distinguished figures never actually took place, this only applies to this current dimension of space-time called historical reality and, as we know, there are infinite possible dimensions, which means that these meetings might happen in the future because, as known to whoever exercises the forces of mind, it’s enough to imagine an event to increase the possibilities to make it happen… __________ Info: Eight more meetings/conversations, will follow, between: Arthur Rimbaud and Paul Verlaine Jorge Louis Borges and Miguel de Cervantes Homer and Plato Henrik Ibsen and August Strindberg Søren Kierkegaard and Giacomo Leopardi Karl Marx and Moses Fyodor Dostoyevsky and Leo Tolstoy Franz Kafka and Ernest Hemingway

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