The Year of Oceans

by Sean Anderson

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Book Description

Hugo Larson is a retired accountant living in North Seattle. Having recently lost the one person most important to him, he is attempting to make a life for himself in a gaping absence. Spending his time swimming, gardening, and accomplishing the mundane tasks of everyday life, Hugo also has several important relationships to manage. Caring but foolish, Adrian is Hugo's son, a young man desperately in need of career guidance. Brimming with positive energy, Hugo's brother Martin has a life many would envy: a kind wife, an illustrious career as a teacher, and a darling granddaughter. Yet Martin is horrified by the implications of retiring. Then there is Paul, the serene next-door neighbor who goes on adventures with Hugo through the city, a dear friend haunted by his own loss. As Hugo lives his life he encounters the heaviness of existence, confronts towering questions, embraces and pushes away those close to him, and discovers a life waiting for him. Through the course of one year, Hugo explores the past, struggles with the present, and conceives of a future. What waits for Hugo at the end of such a crucial year?

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