The Yogic Wisdom to Discover Your Soul

by Ravindra Kalathil

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Book Description

This book contains the wisdom of an ancient method of yoga, the science of yoga, a 5000-years-old treasure. The book will provide profound insights into the root of yoga and also into the teachings of some of the great spiritual masters of past and present. Their teachings, spiritual practices, and healing modalities are transforming the lives of millions of people from all over the world. This knowledge will inspire you to take a fresh step into a brand new life, a step that will help you to feel your soul, your inner joy and peace and reinvent yourself regardless of your age, sex, status and religious background. The book will inspire you to find your life purpose, go after your dreams fearlessly and manifest them overcoming all the challenges. The pain the author went through in his life and how he overcame all the obstacles and manifested his dreams with the help of divine guidance and all the above spiritual tools will resonate with you and inspire you to reach great heights. That is the ultimate purpose of this book.

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