THERE’S NO GUY LIKE A COWBOY: Book One: Pleasing the Cowboy

by Lexi Sexton
  • Book Author : Lexi Sexton
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  • Category : Erotica / Free Kindle Books
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Book Description

Lisbet Louis loved her Grandfather and made sure she visited him as much as she could. When he passed, she inherited his ranch and commercial property in Montana.It was going to be hard giving up some of the things she loved to do in Manhattan where she was a Michelin Star chef, but she eagerly packed her bags and moved back to Lincoln Pass, the town where she’d grown up. She quickly turned an empty cafe into the best restaurant in town.And in the basement of that restaurant, she dreamed of creating an adult club, a kinky adult club, like the one she belonged to in New York City, Club Zen.Club Zen West would only have five playrooms, because Lincoln Pass was a small town, but Lisbet was hoping she’d meet a masterful cowboy who’d like to tie her up and have his way with her.Contractor Jeff Irons was a former Bull Riding Champion. Lisbet hoped she got the chance to ride him.She did.If you like stories of contemporary, sexy living in the West, of men who know what they want and how to get her, you’re going to love There’s No Guy Like a Cowboy, Lexi Sexton’s first book in her series Pleasing the Cowboy.See if you could please a cowboy. Buy now, and imagine yourself in Lisbet’s boots.

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