They’re Recycling Aliens: Return to Antanesta (Kweezy Caploza Tales Book 2)

by G J Griffiths
  • Book Author : G J Griffiths
  • Promo Start : 12/22/2017
  • Promo End : 12/27/2017
  • Category : Children's & Middle Grade
  • Original Price : $2.99

Promo Price: $0.99

Book Description

The Antanestians are back!This time the aliens are on Earth to collect Teflon pots and pans, as well as the two girls and their cousins, Joe and Elliot. The four kids and their friend, Kweezy Capolza, have to survive attacks from hungry herring gulls before launching into space for the planet Antanesta. Only to find, on their arrival there, devastation and danger await them in the form of the Kraxish. These black and yellow enemies of Kweezy and his alien race are deadly war-mongers, each armed with a venomous sting of purple poison, though Joe prefers to call them “those creepy woodlice!”Can the children change the Kraxish’s menacing threats into deeds of kindness? Will they ever return to Earth before the referee blows his final whistle to end the football match? Intriguing technology and amusement aplenty await young and older sci-fi fans in this exciting sequel to “Ants In Space”!

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