Through the Eyes of an American Foreigner

by Michael Feirstag

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Book Description

An unexpected literary collision between the travel writings of Anthony Bourdain and the moral underpinnings of Hunter S. Thompson’s best work, Through the Eyes of an American Foreigner is equal parts travelogue and contemplative diary. Having broken it off with the woman he was just about to propose to, a young artist by the name of Jason Famous evacuates the United States to travel Europe. Along the way, he encounters a variety of characters and strange situations, before all at once fleeing back home to the States. In the aftermath, he learns a number of necessary and hard-won lessons—not only about love, and morality, and friendship, but most importantly life. Set against the backdrop of George W. Bush’s war with Iraq, Through the Eyes of an American Foreigner is an unbelievably nuanced ride through the imagination of Michael Feirstag, one of America’s up-and-coming young writers. Although the last of the three books to be released, this is the second book in the author’s Fargo Trilogy.

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