Thunder Point

by Michelle Scott
  • Book Author : Michelle Scott
  • Promo Start : 10/08/2018
  • Promo End : 10/11/2018
  • Category : Horror / Kindle Unlimited
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Book Description

The little girl in the bloody sweatshirt haunts Ethan everywhere he goes, but only he can see her. Plagued with nightmare visions and a guilty conscious, Ethan hides away in a dead-end job, a rundown apartment, and a hopeless life. Then David calls. David, Ethan's former boyfriend and one true love, begs Ethan for a favor. Ethan's sister Tessa has been seeing ghosts, and her visions are driving her mad. David is convinced that only Ethan and his special gift can help her. Casting his heartache aside, Ethan agrees to visit the decrepit Thunder Point manor which lies on the forlorn shores of Lake Superior. What he finds there, however, makes his own nightmares pale in comparison.

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