Tin Trooper: a Shadowboxer file

by Chris Lowry

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Book Description

How would you run from a robot army? A small tech firm wins a DOD contract with their new droid army. The kicker? The droids are controlled by gamers to keep costs low and body counts high. When Brill Wingfield, the world's luckiest hitman discovers the ruse at the behest of Shelby Johnson and Barraque, he's sent to uncover what the droids are doing and stop them. But should Brill target the men pulling the controller triggers or the man behind the madness. This is a microfile that can be read in one sitting. Fans of fast paced action will love this little taste of the Shadowboxer series. Grab this short read now, a great appetizer to the thrill packed main course in the rest of the series.

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