Together.: The Problems and Solutions For The Little Ones and The Big Ones. (The Stories of The Urban Princess Book 1)

by Aurora Anderson
  • Book Author : Aurora Anderson
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  • Category : Children's & Middle Grade
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Book Description

If you want to know how to overcome different situations in your relationship with your children, welcome the most awaited book "Together. The Problems and solutions for the little ones and the big ones" full of adventures and funny situations. Written by Aurora Anderson, a psychologist with enormous experience, who helped many families find the Right Solution in Educating Children.   Recommended reading meets us with ten sympathetic episodes with dialogue solutions and plays a lot of problems in the lives of the little ones in the relationship between parents and children. For example, the birth of a brother, the beginning of the kindergarten, to sit in the car, conflicts with warrior children, anger, toothbrushing or sleeping in the evening, etc.   These issues are widespread among children, so any parent has now faced or is facing such problems. So sometimes we may feel overcome, helpless, and need advice, a concrete and useful example that we will try to apply.         That's exactly what the book "Together. The Problem and Solutions for the little ones and the Big Ones" offers, graceful methods to overcome these hopes, accompanied by jokes and love so that the family finally enjoys the beautiful time together.   If the situation is known or you are going to have it, press the button Buy now and be ready to overtake it easily and with great joy.

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