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This book has been a longtime in the making. I am a true and transparent professional handicapper. The material, and information in this book, is a compilation of 30 years of dedication, that has steadily improved results for clients. The onset of my passion started when I was in my late 20’s and I thought because I was once a former pro athlete, that I had an advantage over everyone else, but was soon humbled by the fact that there was more to this than having played the game. That naivety forced me to take a turn that most reading this can, and will relate to. I chose to turn over my fate to a professional sports handicapper. The names will be withheld, but after watching him on TV, and hearing him on the radio, I was convinced that he was some kind of insider that was going to make me a wealthy man. It took what was then a lot of money for me to purchase his selections, but I did not worry about it, since I was sure he was going to lead me to the promise land. My anxious energy was finally being put to the test, and I wagered excessively on his picks. I purchased a week of sure fire games, expecting to win 60% or better, as he claimed, or I would get a free week. Sound familiar?

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