by Megan Linski

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Book Description

What if you were in love with heaven and hell? Cassia Delamore is a foster kid. Shuffled from home to home all her life after losing her mother, she’s never known her father, nor what it feels like to be loved. She hopes to start a new life in the idyllic town of Heaven. She has a plan; graduate high school, pack her bags, and leave her tragic past behind her. Yet fate is about to turn Cassia’s life upside down. On her first day of high school, she meets two very different men… bad boy Thames, who possesses a fiery temper, and cool Cairo, captain of the football team and all-around hero. But there’s more to these men than meets the eye. As Cassia grows closer to the boys, she discovers a world of angels and demons fighting for the souls of mankind. Cassia finds herself immersed in a holy war that isn’t hers, torn between Cairo and Thames in a love triangle straight out of a storybook. Will Cassia taste forbidden fruit? Or will her epic romance end in a dark destiny? Fans of Megan Linski’s Alora and Shifter Prophecy series will enjoy Torrent, a young adult paranormal romance featuring action, adventure, and a story of true love.

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