Totally Within

by Thomas Strawser
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Book Description

Totally within is a self-help, daily meditation book that leads to a personal spiritual awakening; it’s a guide and workbook to connect with your inner super power. You have an unsuspected reservoir of inner spiritual energy that can transform your life; this innate power relieves stress, melts anxiety, and grants peace and hope. It lies dormant until you take the action to unleash that energy and then continue to keep the conduit open; no other person can release this power within you. This is your birthright as a child of the divine; this is the unsuspected inner life-force that allows you to control your mind, elevate your thoughts, feelings, attitudes, and outlook and facilitates living in the moment, in the NOW. This “God within” supplies the power for a transformation that yields inner peace and awesome relationships. Totally Within reflections offer an answer to this two-fold problem of first, connecting with this inner resource and then staying connected to let it work in our life throughout the day. You never have to worry or feel stress again—unless you choose to.

Thomas Strawser


Thomas Strawser is an international engineer with a master’s degree in psychology. Divorce, alcoholism, and numerous losses in his life led him to seek practical solutions to his despair. Combining spirituality and psychology with his engineering know-how, Thomas discovered profound happiness and peace of mind through Spiritual Engineering. He has published articles in Grief magazine, New Leaf magazine, The Spiritual Fellowship Journal, Guidepost, and his detailed synopsis of this revolutionary process in Spiritual Engineering: The Harmony of God and Science. He and his wife, Patricia, continue to share this transforming power in bi-lingual seminars around the world guiding thousands through this simple process that produces significant qua

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