Toxic People.The Rules of the Game: How to Identify and Deal with Toxic, Irrational and Difficult People in Your Life

by Neil Iton

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Book Description

In everyone’s life, there are difficult people whose goal is to make your life unbearable, smash your self-esteem, humiliate and trample you. How should you deal with relationships that pull you down, limit your progress, and affect your mental health? Should you just continue on and hope for the best? Is it more prudent to get rid of toxic people? Or is there something you can do first before cutting them out? Is there a way to communicate with difficult people; to let them know what they are doing to you? What happens if they know and still do not change? Should you still retain them in your life? I have written this book about toxic relationships to help you answer these questions. Your success, happiness, and fulfillment in life are important, and you cannot let anyone stand in the way of those. What will you learn by reading this book about toxic people? • You will understand the definition of difficult people. • You will know why people become toxic. • You will distinguish between types of difficult people. • You will learn how to determine which people are toxic. • You will find out why you may attract negative people in your life and how to avoid them. • You will learn to improve your self-esteem and to set boundaries with difficult people. • You will learn how to build effective communication with toxic people. • You will learn to take responsibility for your life. • You will know when and how to end a toxic relationship. And at the end of

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