Trails 1: Fault Lines

by April D Brown
  • Book Author : April D Brown
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  • Category : Action & Adventure
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Book Description

Pair 1, Book 1: Fault Lines Time: Modern POV characters: Amber and Alex An earthquake cascade on forgotten fault lines in New Mexico threaten to send the state into chaos. Fumeroles awaken along ancient volcanic plains. Amber and Alex struggle to map the Rio Grande's persistent changes. As the quakes continue, the Rio Grande is dammed. Fear spreads through communities. The military set up road blocks and curfews to prevent looting, rather than evacuate the communities. Amber and Alex go to the heart of the one place they don't want to be. The gated volcanic plain on a military base. What they discover cannot be held back from the communities. Death, and the blame game, surge among the inhabitants of New Mexico, and all across North America. More quakes occur. More fumaroles develop where hot spots have slid under the continental and oceanic crusts. The world as Amber and Alex knew, crumbles around them. Family and friends missing. The society they knew teeters on the brink of collapse. Author's Note: Rating: PG 13. Profanity: None. Romance: Light, Alluded to. Sex: None. Violence: Natural Disaster POV Characters: Amber and Alex Length: 301 pages 84,700 words Arial size 12 - 301 pages Arial size 16 - 357 pages

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