Truckers Collection—High-Heat Romantic Suspense

by Q. Zayne
  • Book Author : Q. Zayne
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  • Category : Romance
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Book Description

A predator hunts curvy women along the highway. Knights of the road initiate beauties at their clubhouse. Three untouched women fit the tastes of the killer and the truckers. When they take rides with these men, everything changes...forever. Bonds in the ex-con trucker brotherhood go deep. They like to share. And they'll do whatever it takes to protect their town's women.Truckers Collection contains all four episodes of Truckers, originally published as singles:TruckersTruckers LyleTruckers TyroneKnights of the Road Beware: Multiple triggers and wicked chills. Q. Zayne's Truckers Collection takes you on a rough ride with a heroine in peril, crime details, intense connections beyond the ordinary senses, and strong adult content with all three truckers.Not for sensitive readers. Rated Mature 18+ for adult scenes, disturbing material, and blunt language. If alternative lifestyles and varied adult passions offend you, do not download this book.Adventurous readers, get your truckers right now.

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