Tuina Chinese Massage: Discover How the the Age-Old Chinese Practice of Tuina Massage Can Benefit You – ( Tui Na Massage )

by Jiao Connolly
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Book Description

The East has proven to be a constant source of incredible traditional treatments that have influenced the West, such as reflexology, acupuncture, and acupressure. These techniques have now been proven successful in the West as an alternative treatment for a number of diseases and ailments. Tuina massage is now becoming known as one of these highly effective alternative methods. Tuina originated from China, and is a method that makes use of therapeutic massage to help heal the body. It is based on the same meridian points used in acupressure and acupuncture. Tuina harmonizes the body's Yin and Yang and gets rid of obstructions to produce a harmonized Chi (total inner energy). This traditional method has worked wonders with those who have musculoskeletal problems. It has been used to help athletes overcome sports injuries and to help both young and old people with stress-related muscle problems. Patients who have suffered a stroke have also reported success in using Tuina for post-stroke paralysis. If you're ready to explore Tuina as an effective, safe, and less expensive alternative to treat, fight, or prevent disease or ailments, or if you simply feel the need to harmonize the Yin and Yang within yourself, then this book is a must-read. You will learn all about Tuina, its benefits, and the massage techniques employed. I'm even going to show you certain manipulations you can do at home, as well as share with you other valuable tips to get the most out of this massage.

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