UnCaged Destiny

by Lisa Farrell
  • Book Author : Lisa Farrell
  • Promo Start : 02/06/2018
  • Promo End : 02/08/2018
  • Category : Christian Fiction
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Book Description

Cage spends her days inside the emotional walls she’s so carefully built as her only defense against old memories of rejection and abuse. Cage patches together a life out of an incompatible mixture of religious traditions and fleeting moments of physical contact, as she tries to ignore the emptiness inside. Cage simply does not know how to let go of her past on her own. Then she meets Pyrs. From the beginning, their friendship allows Cage to escape the burden from her past experiences and choices that left her scarred and broken. But after lines are crossed during one emotional and eye-opening night at the beach, decisions must be made. Should hidden secrets be revealed or kept hidden? Now that Cage has learned to trust Pyrs, does their relationship stand a chance? As she figures out her direction, Cage soon must face the fact that her voluntary cage may be a reflection of her strained and under-developed relationship with God. This inspirational romance presents love with all its real-world faults. If Cage can just extricate herself from her self-imposed jail, she may just discover that her future is full of promise.

Lisa Farrell


From an early age, Lisa has had a love affair with books. She enjoys everything about books…their scent, weight and texture, but most of all…their words. Libraries and book stores quickly became her favorite places to escape into new worlds, travel to distant lands and see life through the eyes of each character. Her appetite for words spilled over into music, where the songs of country music artists exuding from her father’s speakers began the process of opening her eyes (and ears) to heights and depths of emotion and expression. Through her exposure to a variety of works, books, music, lyrical articulations and her own experimentation, Lisa has learned the power of words. Her adventures can be found at www.uncageddestiny.com

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