Under the Bed

by Jeff Hurwitz
  • Book Author : Jeff Hurwitz
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  • Category : Horror / Kindle Unlimited
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Book Description

Jackie had quite the typical childhood growing up. Except for the time his mom poured near boiling water over him. And his father’s “Final Solution” to his little bed wetting problem. And of course the phantasmal nightmares. The old man with gnarled teeth, arthritic fingers coming for him night after night, reaching out closer and closer. Now about to graduate from high school, Jack is about to learn the most important lesson of his life: There really are monsters under the bed. Or at least one. Feeding off the fear created by human misery and suffering, Shrekoli is back for his latest conquest. Back to take Jack under the bed. But this time Jack’s not alone. No stranger to past horrors herself, Stacy must ready herself for one more to save them both. One so terrifying and unthinkable it will test her strength of both body and mind. Can Stacy help Jack to escape the inescapable? Or will Shrekoli feast on Jack’s fear, punishing his body and mind for all of time?

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