Unlazdep: Overcoming Laziness and Depression by Pavel Savchenko

by Pavel Savchenko
  • Book Author : Pavel Savchenko
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  • Category : General Non-Fiction
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Book Description

Have you ever felt that sleeping was your main activity, that starting a new activity would make you spend a lot of time to force yourself to do something, that everything is completely uninteresting for you, have you ever thought that life is meaningless? Have you ever felt that you are tired of everything and that too many problems have fallen on your head? It will be a huge problem to remain in this state of mind. Life will seem to be too long and the benefit of it on a scale from 0 to 10 will be close to zero, all your actions will be performed on an automated level, you will cease to receive joy, turn into a robot and, sadly, it will turn out that the next destination of your life will be death. If you have experienced such feelings and you want to get rid of them, if you want to acquire meaning in your actions, you are tired of being lazy, tired to put all the important things aside until tomorrow, which, most often, doesn't come… if you want to change your life, then this step-by-step guide will help you! After reading and following the steps described here, when you wake up: • you will be filled with joy; • you will quickly and energetically solve your problems; • your mental health will improve; • you will become a happier person; • the days will be filled with meaning; • and a casual smile will become your everyday accessory. Tests have shown that people, who followed provided steps in this book, have increased their energy levels, improved their mo...

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