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Unlocking Ancient Mysteries, Exploring Profound Mysteries of the Ages

by M.G. Hawking

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Book Description

Explore the mysteries of the ages and unlock secrets that for millenniums have remained hidden in secrecy. In powerful first-hand accounts, explorer M.G. Hawking takes you into the fabled landscapes and unparalleled knowledge of two lost worlds. Stretching in a vast crescent across Asia, the Himalayan Range protects the most isolated areas of Earth’s landmass; ice peaks towering nearly six miles high shroud remote, lushly forested valleys. For thousands of years the mysterious inner region of this Great Range has inspired countless legends of a hidden sanctuary of great masters. If this hidden realm truly exists, who resides there? No historical mystery has inspired the depth of fascination as the enigma of Ancient Egypt. Some ten-thousand years ago, as if abruptly descended upon the sands, a small stone-age culture suddenly rose to create the most magnificent civilization of known history. How was this incredible feat achieved? What was the source of the ancient Egyptians’ sophisticated knowledge and technology? Journey into a legendary realm deep in the Himalayas and far back through the ages to the majestic landscapes of Ancient Egypt to discover knowledge that has long been concealed in legends and sophistry. Entertaining and enlightening, this book is an incomparable read for anyone seeking a deeper understanding of our world and greater personal knowledge and power. 2019 Edition Kindle Unlimited Book. For more information, please see the Amazon page. Thanks!

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