Vacation Guru’s Guide to Budget Travel in New Zealand

by J.B Rosenberg
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Book Description

Planning to go to New Zealand? EXCELLENT decision. Prepare yourself for a beautiful country, but an expensive country as well. Before our trip, I sat at least 400 hours investigating about New Zealand and how to save money there as well, yet, I could not find all the information concentrated in one website. I decided that there must be many people like myself, who just don´t have the time to do so much investigation and would like to see all the info related to saving money in NZ in one concentrated place. Would you like to save a few thousand dollars on your trip to NZ so that it will just be "a beautiful country" and not an expensive one? You will get descriptive and visual explanations on different transportation methods, useful sites to book cheap tours from, membership cards that will give you discounts on various activities and much more! Check out this short, no BS, straight to the point guide on how to save money while in New Zealand

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