Valor and the Vain: A Fairy Tale Unraveled

by K. D. Hume

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Book Description

A revolutionary retelling of a timeless fairy tale, Valor and the Vain unravels the fate of the conflicted hunter who dauntlessly attempted to save Beauty from her Beast. Disgusted with monarchies, Valor's father brought him up in a mountain country unruled by royalty. Blessed with strength, good looks, and congeniality, Valor is content to spend his days hunting in the forest with Yvain, his constant companion. That changes when the DuMonts, a wealthy family fallen from grace, arrive in their little town, and Valor becomes enamoured with the clever youngest daughter, Beauty. Soon Valor, Yvain, and the entire region are caught up in the DuMonts' conflict with a fearsome Beast right out of an old wives' tale. To put things right, Valor must learn the vast difference between love and infatuation, and the fine line between heroics and villainy.

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