Vicky & Lizzie’s First Period (Chrome Junction Academy Series Book 2)

by Andrew Mackay
  • Book Author : Andrew Mackay
  • Promo Start : 02/14/2018
  • Promo End : 02/15/2018
  • Category : Fiction
  • Original Price : $1.4

Promo Price: $0.99

Book Description

Bloody Hell! All together now… There were two girls called Vicky & Lizzie Who kept their high school busy Causing trouble and mirth For all they were worth Sending teachers right into a tizzy They kicked-off a false, nasty rumour Saying one of the staff was a groomer For everyone knows Gossip grows and explodes But the school didn’t quite see the humour Would Vicky & Lizzie regret The damage they caused? Nah, not yet Scheming, conniving The girls kept on vying Their dangerous precedent set Vicky & Lizzie delivered a blitz On a school at the end of its wits Did they care? Did they f**k They were common as muck Those nasty, vindictive young s#!ts Now, this might cause upset and uproar It’s a musical satire, what’s more For the first time ever We promise you’ve never Read anything like this before So pick up your copy today Of a story about which you will say That I wanted to barf But so hard I did laugh Vicky & Lizzie have just made my day! Read Vicky & Lizzie’s First Period for FREE with your Kindle Unlimited subscription and look for it under Satire and Black Humor.

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