VoiceOver With the Brailliant Braille Display

by April D Brown
  • Book Author : April D Brown
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Book Description

Are you a newly blind, or deafblind, person who needs to learn to use a braille display to read and write again? Build a foundation to screen reader use while using the Brailliant braille display to communicate with VoiceOver. Once again read, write, work, and communicate with others.
 This foundation workbook will familiarize the reader with unfamiliar screen reader terms, in order to develop and expand knowledge as the programs grow. Soon, the user will seamlessly use a computer as well as before sight loss. 
 Learning what a screen reader can, and cannot do, is vital to using the spoken version of VoiceOver. As a bridge, using the braille display can teach new users the terms, and navigation skills, while moving at a speed they can comprehend as they leave the sighted world for the less visual world. Computers bridge that gap between the past and present, and allow users to maintain skills, relationships, and independence.
 Improve braille reading and writing skills, while learning to navigate VoiceOver. With this manual, practice step by step processes, and build the foundation to work with nearly any program on the Mac with either the Brailliant Braille Display, or spoken VoiceOver itself. As Apple adds more programs, changes existing apps and programs, and adapts Siri for the Mac, this foundation will remain strong, allowing the braille display user to navigate their computer without sight. 

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