by Gino Cox

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Book Description

“T.i.T.” This is Thailand, like traveling through the looking glass to a land where things that didn’t make sense in the rational world were the norm, and the norms of the rational world didn’t apply. A team of inept crooks hatch an unlikely plot to steal two tons of ivory before it is destroyed by Thai authorities, but others far more dangerous have similar plans. They soon find themselves running a shell game without knowing where the pea is hidden. As the body count rises, they become suspects in much more grievous offenses. A young investigative reporter travels to Bangkok to research ivory smuggling and becomes involved in the lives of coyote dancers at an upscale gentlemen’s club. She is accompanied by a wealthy industrialist who has been her best friend, benefactor, constant companion and confidant since she caused an accident which cost him his leg. They are everything to one another except lovers. Their nearly perfect relationship is thrown into turmoil when one of the coyote dancers sets her sights on marrying the wealthy American. Thailand. Land of Smiles. Jewel of the Orient. Incomparably beautiful women. Unfathomably corrupt police.

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