Waltzing with the Wind

by James P. Usavasge

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Book Description

This Mystery/Suspense/Paranormal Thriller will take you to places where you might have been and places where you have never been. Raleigh Stover's life seemed simple enough. He was just trying to make a "go" of his small movie memorabilia business while having to work in a downtown office, as a bookkeeper, in order to support himself. He also dreamed of courting the intriguing Ivy who was employed in the same building where he worked. His weakness--he liked to play act, drawing movie props from his store, humorously impersonating the likes of Sherlock Holmes or, as when he goes on a cruise---a swashbuckler. But when his flights of fancy start taking on a life of their own, he begins to question what is happening. Further along, a series of odd occurrences suggest that some sort of supernatural influence could be in play. Raleigh's life starts turning upside down when he discovers he is becoming a pawn in the bizarre scheme of a frightening madman ( A wealthy, rogue archaeologist with obscure multiple international identities who has some vague connection to either Raleigh or his little side business) who wants to use him for his own evil plans. The steering winds push Raleigh, with Ivy beside him, toward an inevitable confrontation and a hair-raising finale which will keep the reader turning the pages right up to the end. The reader will sense the title ' Waltzing with the Wind ' taking on different meanings throughout the book.

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