Wargames of the Everworld

by Andrew McGregor

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Book Description

The board is set. The pieces are ready. Billions of battles will soon take place. Spears, tanks and starships will clash across the vast Everworld’s surface and inside its core. Plucked from Earth, Jessica Stanner and two others, are plunged into the arenas of the Everworld. They must fight, both for their lives, and for Earth. The soldiers they command in the arenas are real. Their deaths, are real. Unfortunately for Jessica and her team, Earth’s Trustee, the one being responsible for humanity’s progress, may not have our best interests at heart. If Jessica has any hope of getting out alive and going home, she will need to win the wargames – but the more they win, the deadlier the games. For, in these wargames, upsetting the ancient champions could have consequences for us all.

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