Wayward Soul

by L.D. Greenwood

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Book Description

Family always comes first. When successful magical researcher Ellie Alwood finds her sister, Jana, murdered in their living room, her entire world is turned upside-down. Jana’s killer is a siekewa, a soul broker, that has claimed her soul forfeit for not holding up her end of a bargain. To save her sister, Ellie makes a deal with the creature: Jana’s eternal soul for an enchanted stone. The stone belongs to the soul collectors, the spirit guides that lead the deceased to the afterlife. If they won’t give her the stone, Ellie will have to steal it. As she gets closer to her goal, she learns that giving the stone to a siekewa will put her entire world in danger. She will have to choose whether she is willing to put thousands of lives at risk or give up on her little sister.

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