What Makes a Great Leader?: Discover How to Be a Leader That Others Want to Follow (Traits, Styles, and Qualities of a Good Leader)

by Edward LeMarc
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Book Description

Becoming a great leader is not as straightforward and easy to do as it might sound. It takes time, effort, and practice. Developing leadership skills is a continuous process that evolves over the years as you learn how to face a variety of challenges and adapt to the different needs of the moment. But the good news is, as you start to develop and exhibit the qualities of a great leader, you will find that other people are naturally inclined to follow your direction. They will want to cooperate; they will want to give you their best efforts; they will want to help you succeed. Can you visualize yourself having a group of loyal, dedicated followers like this? (Without having to drug or hypnotize them.) Although it normally takes decades of trial and error to fine-tune yourself into the most effective leader, this book is designed to give you a significant shortcut. Together, we'll take a look at exactly what it takes to be a great leader and what changes you need to make to become one now.

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