What to do if You Feel Really Shitty… Psychological Potency. 8 ways to Increase Our Resource State.

by Magic Victor

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Book Description

Giving a title to this short book has been a big challenge for me because it touches on a lot of different issues and it attempts to answer a lot of different questions. Such as why do people behave inadequately? What are the advantages and disadvantages of both pessimism and optimism? How to behave in extremely stressful situations? How to raise our resource state? How to be happy? A lot of different titles came to mind, but I decided to go with “What To Do If Your Feel Really Shitty.” Not just because we can all relate to this particular feeling, but because my purpose here is to provide a practical set of recommendations you can follow whenever you feel badly, which happens more often than we’d like. In other words, this book will teach you a thing or two about human behavior under stress in any situation, from receiving an insult on the subway to being in mortal danger, and show how to enter yourself in the most effective resource state. Are you ready? Let’s begin!

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