What to Say for Admissions

by Edit-Assist
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Book Description

Edit-Assist Delivers the Best English for Your Goals This guide combines the 200 most common English words and phrases used for excellent college admissions. This is the quickest and easiest guide to fluently speak English in the ways most meaningful for you. After 30 minutes of reading this guide, you will have the power of: The most effective words for college applications The most effective phrases for college applications Knowledge of why certain words and phrases will work better than others Quick access to hundreds of effective words and phrases Confidence in speaking from dedicated research, rather than piecing phrases together from a workbook. The Absolute Quickest Guide to Reach Your Goals 80% of all English used today is the same 100 words. This guide delivers the top 200 English words and phrases particularly for college applications, so you'll have both general and specific things to say. This book gets you up quick, and you'll soon be running at top speed. Study with Talkabot after reading, and you'll quickly grow comfortable speaking and writing English in the ways most immediately useful for you. We compared the most relatable English to the most effective language for college admissions, so you'll have the best words and phrases to help you speak naturally as soon as possible. Each vocabulary section contains instructions for usage as well, so you'll know both what to say and how to say it in American English.

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