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by Tabitha Amy Rose

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Book Description

Audrey wishes to explore the world, but constantly wonders if she is able to escape from the guilt of feeling responsible for the death of her best friends brother. The only way that she feels this is achievable is to become the girl who runs away from it all before it envelops every last part of her. So she simply leaves her hometown of Brighton behind, in order to forget the past and live in the future. Jack wishes to escape, but his methods are unorthodox. Depressed, lonely, and anxious, the boy misses his brother desperately, and would do anything to bring him back. He knows he cannot. Despite this, he knows what he can do. He knows he can leave this world behind permanently, and has spent many nights wishing for the courage. Coming to the ultimatum that he is gay when he begins to fall for Eli, realisations begin to formulate that there may be more to this world than the death of his loved ones. Eli longs to feel like the person his mother would want him to be, but since she passed, he is unsure as to who that person is. Born biologically female, Eli must battle the demons in his head that tell him he will never have any friends whilst attempting to make his father understand what it means to be transgender. This is the story of four teenagers breaking into libraries, battling new-found adulthood in a drag bar, and zip-lining across the green pastures of Cardiff.

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