Who Needs a Hug?

by Sally Huss

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Book Description

"A koala bear awoke one morning. Feeling magnanimous and grand, he decided to do something generous. So, he called out to anyone who could hear him, 'Who needs a hug?' 'Hmmm, a hug?' wondered a passing hippo. 'Is it free?' 'Yes indeed and I’ll give it with all my heart.' 'Why not?' said the hippo coolly. So the koala scampered down from his eucalyptus tree, spread his arms as wide as he could and gave the hippo a hug he would never forget. 'Very nice,' said the hippo, and then ambled off. 'Who needs a hug?' called the koala into the forest." A giraffe, a porcupine, a bear, a snake, a badger, and a tiger take the koala bear up on his offer in this warm-hearted, picture book.

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