Why Are You Here?: Answers to the Most important Questions of Your Life

by Sola Osundeko
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Book Description

The difference between average and successful people is knowing why they do what they do. When you know your “why,” you are more likely to figure out “how” to reach new heights and attain your dreams.Why are you here? Why do you look the way you do?What are the right reasons to get married or have children?Why should you care about personal fulfillment or character?What are filters and what do they do for our lives?Why must you manage your time wisely?Why Are You Here? Answers to the Most Important Questions of Your Life is a practical, insightful book that will empower you, educate you, and assist you. It contains relevant quotes from various versions of the Bible to reinforce the concepts presented and to help you understand how you can live a fulfilling life—of peace and purpose.

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