Wicca herbal magic: The Magic Wiccan guide for beginners: Herbs and oils for beginners in Wicca with simple spells

by Sophie Welch
  • Book Author : Sophie Welch
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Book Description

Are you a practitioner of Wicca?Are you interested in the ideas and thoughts that Wicca followers promulgate?Do you believe that illnesses, aches and pains can be cured by magic?For anyone, whether they are a specialist in the subject or simply hold a passing interest in it, Wicca is something that follows a clear and definite path and inside this new book, Wicca Essential Oils you will discover how it can assist with all manner of ailments.The four parts of this book cover:An introduction to magic and herbalismCreating a magical gardenPractising practical magicMagical spells, baths, oils and teasEach part also contains several chapters which look in depth at things such as how to go about planting your garden and the plants you should choose, the 5 elements of magic and how to cast a circle.Learning about the medicinal benefits of plants would mean nothing of course, unless there were cautionary notes on their usage. Not all plants are suitable for all people and there is a detailed list at the beginning so you won’t encounter any problems.All in all, Wicca Essential Oils is the perfect book for amateurs and seasoned Wicca veterans. Get your copy of this fantastic book now and start learning more about the Magic of Herbs.

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